Yoast SEO and your website

Yoast SEO and your website

For a brilliant tool in assisting with on-page SEO for your WordPress website site look no further than Yoast SEO.  This tool provides a good balance of ease of use with highly informative tips.  It has been a deciding factor in choosing WordPress to build several sites due to how powerful it is.


Yoast SEO now has a Drupal Option

Recently on browsing the Yoast website I couldn’t help but notice that it now has a Drupal option.  For those who don’t know Drupal is another CMS (Content Management Systems) which is aimed at bigger and more complex websites than WordPress. You’ll often see Drupal and it’s main competitor Joomla being used for corporate, government or education websites whereas WordPress is usually used for blogs and small business sites, though not always.

The beauty of this is now you have two options when using Yoast, so if you are planning on building a small site that is unlikely to grow large (as in content, not traffic) WordPress is your likely choice, however if your site is going to very large and complex then Drupal would be a better choice as it scales better than WordPress.  An example of a use for Drupal would be a government information website that has a large amount of pages.  WordPress can become very difficult to manage in this scenario.


Makes it really simple to write articles in an SEO friendly manner

simple traffic lightThe beauty of Yoast SEO is that it makes it really simple to write articles in an SEO friendly manner and from experience this goes a long way to boosting the overall SEO of your Website. After all I have not come across the person that doesn’t want their website ranking high in Google and with the major algorithm updates over the last few years we need all the help we can get.  It does this by providing simple colour coding (red, orange & green) on how well your pages rank and breaking this down into how your page was rated including tips on improving your score.

So in conclusion, if you struggle with on-page SEO, then paring up WordPress or Drupal with Yoast SEO goes a long way to improving your chances of high rankings.

For more information on Yoast SEO go to yoast.com.  More information on Drupal can be found at www.drupal.com.  Also you can read our previous article on using Yoast SEO here.


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