Using WordPress for your Website

Using WordPress for your Website

Go to settings, then readingWhile initially created as a blogging tool WordPress is probably the most used platform for Websites these days, and why not, it sits in a good spot between ease of use and flexibility. For most websites WordPress has more than enough features built in and has plenty of free add-in modules for any additional features you may need. There are also premium paid add-ons for those people who really want to supercharge WordPress.

There is one trick to get you going to use WordPress as a website, that being to create a new homepage and replace the front page with it. By default the Blog takes the front spot, however this is generally not what you want for your website, most people want a homepage/landing page, contact, about us and maybe a blog. Though a blog is only worthwhile if you’ve got something worthwhile to say that is also interesting/useful to your potential clients/customers.
Now once you have created all these pages all you have to do now is replace the blog page with the new homepage. This is as simple as going to Settings then Reading and change Front Page Displays (see top image) from “Your latest blog posts” to the page you want for your front page.

One thing to note though, if like a recent page I was setting up you have all the other pages in draft mode the Front Page Displays section will not appear. I’m assuming this is because there is not yet anything that can replace the front page. So make sure you publish a page first.

All you need to do now is choose a theme you like, create whatever pages you need and go from there. It is that easy, which is why WordPress is so popular.

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