Things to consider when putting together a webpage

Things to consider when putting together a webpage

To create a successful website you need to ensure you have the following executed well. That is to have relevant content SEO optimised, connected to Social Media, providing a pleasant user experience that loads quickly.

Let content shine

There was a time when people threw together wonderful looking sites in Flash with animated pictures and little to no substance. Thankfully this has largely been replaced with more elegant/spartan designs where the content takes centre stage.

If the visitor to your site cannot work out what you do or are trying to say you cannot expect them to stay around, let alone share or like the content.

For examples of content driven websites look no further than Google and Facebook. These sites have very basic themes and it is the content that you see.

Lean fast site

With our ever decreasing attention span you can no longer afford to have a website that takes more than 10 seconds to load. So you must ensure the site is lean and mean and use every method you can to ensure it loads fast, from ensuring the images are only as large as required and your javascript and CSS files have been merged and minimised where possible.

Mobile and Tablet friendly

With the majority of site visits being from mobile devices can you really afford to ignore this revolution? And with responsive designs being the standard you have no excuse.  Also most website builders have responsive templates so if your current website is simple enough and your platform is not mobile friendly then maybe you need to move to a modern website builder like WordPress that has plenty of responsive themes freely available. Alternatively hire someone to build a responsive template, it isn’t that hard.

Our current WordPress plans can be found at this link. Alternatively go to Websites then WordPress in the top menu.


Now if you have a web presence you are likely to have been contacted by one of the firms that promises first page on google. Firstly getting a first page on google is not that hard, getting a first page for a relevant and high use keyword is.  The keys to high ranking in google are simple.  A well designed website both from a visual point and written to the current web standards, good content with an appropriate level of keywords throughout the site and a strong social presence that is correctly connected to the site.

SEO is simple in theory but requires both technical and marketing skills.It also helps to have a regularly updated website which is why blogs are so popular these days.

A good article to read on SEO is How to avoid dodgy SEOs and Do It Yourself on the FlyingSolo website.

User Friendliness

If the website is not easy to use people will not stay. One thing I try to go for is to put the important information (and not an epic novel) on the front page, don’t expect people to go searching for it. Also ensure you have a way (preferably multiple) for people to get in touch, and not everyone likes Contact Us pages.

In conclusion

If you create a website from the ground up with SEO in mind and have a good Social Media presence you are a good way towards being noticed. Using WordPress together with Yoast is a good step forward to this goal.

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