Some free tools to assist with SEO

Some free tools to assist with SEO

Here are some free tools to assist with SEO.  These days you need to sort out a lot of small things to make Google happy so having some tools to help you is indispensable.

This is by no means a definitive list however these tools can help you sort out the small technical issues, that may be causing your site to be ignored or ranked poorly by Google. Using these tools doesn’t guarantee top results as you still have to have a content strategy, whether this is writing blogs, creating youtube videos or by posting relevant articles on your social media platforms.


SEO Copilot

An Australian based site that has a free tool which analysis a page on your site and provides advise on how to improve its SEO.  At present this site has a completely free SEO analysis tool plus they also provide SEO services, though I’ve only used the free tool.


Clean CSS

This site has some tools for minifying files including CSS and Javascript. Minifying your css and javascript can help greatly in page loading speed and this site makes that very easy.


Google Webmaster

One of the most important tools your can use. The best and most accurate information comes from the horses mouth. Make sure you address any errors reported in this console and if your site is not connected to Webmaster tools you really do need to get it connected ASAP.


Google PageSpeed Tools

Load speed has become an important part of the SEO equation.  It appears that google penalises sites for being too slow as it will likely contribute to a poor user experience and thus a high bounce rate. This tool will tell you whether Google sees your site as fast or not and also provides advice on where the problem may be.

This tools also provides an analysis of your mobile friendliness.  Google these days takes whether or not your site works on mobile into its equation and they have said they will penalise sites that are not mobile friendly.


Web Page Speed Test

Another tool for checking page load speed.  This one gives you a break down of how long it takes for each file that has to be downloaded. When I have run sites through this tool the main culprits tend to be your css, javascript/jquery (the jquery libraries come with minified versions so your should use them) and image files. If you minimise your css and javascript/jquery files plus optimise your images you can get some easy speed gains. If you have optimised all your files and your page still loads slowly then I would suggest looking around for a faster hosting provider, or upgrade your plan.



SEO used to be as simple as building link farms and stuffing your site with keywords. This no longer works as Google’s algorithms have gotten allot better. The good news is that while those trying to trick google are finding it harder, those who are doing the right thing can get great results but even better sites tend to stay up the top when they have used the right methods as it is quite difficult to do properly. The above tools can help greatly those who are trying the White Hat SEO approach.

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