Readability Update to Yoast

Readability Update to Yoast

A new update to Yoast has recently been release that offers a really useful new feature called Readability. This rates how readable your text is and gives it a simple rating. As with other features of Yoast it is a simple Red, Amber, Green traffic light. This also has a text component of Needs Improvement, Ok and Good. Good of course is what you should be aiming for.

The readability rating takes yoast to a new level

This update adds to the already strong capabilities of Yoast. While in the past it did have a difficulty score for your content, the readability rating takes Yoast to a new level. I found that while I can get a green rating for SEO quite easily it took a bit more editing to get the same with Readability. Quite often this involved breaking up long sentences.

The Readability module provides advise on how to improve your score in the same format as existing modules. As per the standard SEO feature the new readability module also has advise on how to improve your score. Resolving those in red will give you the most improvement score wise.

readability analysis

A very easy to follow analysis

What I found most useful with this analysis was the links. For example in the above analysis it says that “13.3% of sentences contain a passive voice”. If you don’t know what that means click on the link and find out.

By following the analysis you will end up improving your score. As your score improves the overall traffic lights will progress through hopefully to green.


It is increasingly difficult to get Onpage SEO right without good tools. Yoast is still a very capable SEO plugin by being both easy to use and providing clear advise. It certainly has our vote.

While by no means a guarantee of rankings it will certainly aid in getting your website up the Google ladder.

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