Keyword Research

Keyword Research

SuggestionsOne of the first steps in your SEO strategy is to determine what keywords you need to optimise for.  If you are in a highly competitive area the more popular keywords can have a high CPC (Cost per Click). When this happens you have two options, firstly outbid the competition (which can be expensive…obviously) or secondly find keywords that don’t have as much competition but are still relevant. While the google keyword planner tool is very good recently I came across another free tool that works well with the google tool and can assist with finding alternative keywords.


Suggest on Steroids

This tool is Uber Suggest and as it says it is “suggest on steroids”. While on the surface it appears to do the same thing as the google tool, however in the area of Long Tail Keywords it is very useful as you can drill down on phrases that match your subject area. A Long Tail Keyword (for those who don’t know) are more specific phrases that people search for, i.e. “woodworking tools supplies sydney j rollers” instead of “woodworking” which is very vague as far as keywords go.


Give it a keyword

So in the example images I have chosen the high level keyword “woodworking”. Once Uber Suggest has completed its background processing/magic it will display a list of suggestions. With each suggestion you can drill down to long tail suggestions as per the right image. Initially I couldn’t work out how to do this as I kept clicking on the “+” icon. Instead you just click on the keyword itself.


Add keywords to your list

When you find a keyword that is suitable you can add it to the list by clicking on the “+” icon. Once you have selected all the keywords you are after you can click on “Get” and it pops up a Window where you can Copy the lines.


Transfer to Google Keyword Planner

Now that you have the keywords/phrases you can now past this into the Google Keyword Planner where you can get Average Searches, Competition and Recommended Bids etc…



Coming up with keywords can be a daunting process, at least in my experience it has been. This tool while not the prettiest I’ve seen can certainly come up with some you haven’t thought of. Used in conjunction with the Google Keyword Planner you have a powerful combination.

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