Java in Chrome

Java in Chrome

Yeah I know Java in the browser is considered dead and I’ll be quite happy when it finally realises it (did I say that out loud). Unfortunately some of us have legacy sites, or parts of sites in my case that have Java in them.

Now why I’m going on about this our Control Panel currently has a File Manager that is Java based. Yes we are currently investigating replacing this module, however until we can get a replacement we are stuck with the Java based File Manager.

The issue was raised when one of our clients tried using Chrome to access the File Manager. It said the site was untrusted and refused to load, and on investigation it at first appeared to be an issue with our SSL. This surprised me personally because I’m an absolutely security super freak. After spending most of the day validating our certificate and proving without a shadow of a doubt that it was working correctly we moved onto other possible causes.

On further investigation we discovered the latest version of Chrome has a feature called NPAPI that was turn on by default. Unfortunately after a Chrome update it is now turned off by default and Java requires it for some reason. If you turn this back on your Java app will work again. 

To turn this on copy and post “chrome://flags/#enable-npapi” (sourced from minus the quotes into Chrome address bar. You should see at page which has the below on it:


Ensure this is enabled (as in the image above) and Java will work again. Now close down all Chrome windows and load it again. If it is still not working clear all the browsing data, well except for your history and saved passwords (hopefully you’re not saving your banking website details). Repeat the close, down load up routine and try again. It should now work, well unless you have one of the other thousand reasons why Java won’t work :(.

The best option however is to avoid Java apps if possible (in my opinion).  This should get your going until you do replace the Java app.

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