Force SSL for your WordPress site

Force SSL for your WordPress site

One issue you can come across when enabling SSL for your whole site, is that not all external resources are configured to talk SSL. This can cause issues with web browsers, especially Chrome. In order to force SSL for your WordPress site you will need to resolve this type of issue.

For this website we have gone to great lengths to ensure the theme is fully compliant. It is usually better if you can do it this way however that is not always possible. It is generally advisable to try and resolve issues without resorting to a module and as per this article, the fewer modules you have the better. There are cases however where this is the only option.

Recently I came across an issue with one of my sites. Chrome was complaining that the connection was not private. This is basically another way of saying that not everything is being encrypted. I also received an email from the Google Search console with the error of “SSL/TLS certificate does not include domain name”. When it comes to errors coming from the Google Search Console I always pay attention. Normally I would fix the error in code however I wanted the issue resolved quickly.

Force SSL for your WordPress site

In order to force SSL without coding you can install a plugin like “Really Simple SSL“.  As long as your Web Server or account is correctly configured for SSL this will resolve any SSL issues.


Enabling SSL on your website covers another of the many things that SEO tools will advise you to enable. While it will not guarantee that your site will get to number one, when a site is starting out however every small win can help. Since you can now get free SSL certificates from let’s encrypt it really is a no brainer.

While SSL is allot easier to install and configure these days it can still go wrong if not everything on your site is designed to use it. If you are having issues trying to get SSL properly enabled on your site we can certainly assist.

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