Easy SEO in WordPress

Easy SEO in WordPress

A really useful plugin to optimising your WordPress website for SEO is Yoast SEO. As with most plugins it can be easily installed from within WordPress.  For instruction on how to do this click on Install Yoast SEO.

What is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is a Add-on to WordPress that assists you in optimising your website with SEO in mind. Probably the most useful part of it I have found is the Article/Page based section. It has a simple traffic light ranking system of Red, Amber or Green depending on how good the on page SEO is, of course Green being where you want to be.

On page SEO

Further down the page you get the useful things, like why it thinks your SEO is bad at the moment.

Firstly the General Section helps to keep the meta data relevant to the page content.

On Page SEO General

Secondly the Page Analysis section gives you a breakdown of what is sees as issues with your article content.

On Page Analysis

Take a Tour of Yoast

I would recommend that you go through this tour as it will identify sections of your site where you can add quick wins to your SEO. You won’t be able to miss it since it pops up directly after the install.


With all the uncertainty regarding SEO over the last couple of years I have actually found this tool useful and have used it to improve the rankings on several of my clients sites.

These changes will not guarantee rankings of course, however they will make it easy for Google and any other search engine to work out what your page is about in order to suitably categorise it.

And if your not convince that the Yoast team know what they’re doing try typing “SEO WordPress” into google, I just did it and they’re #1 on the organic search, pretty impressive.

For more information on Yoast go to yoast.com

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