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What is a Domain Name?

This is the address you type into your browser to bring up a website. The most well known domain name would be google.com.


Without a domain you would have to remember the IP address of each site you wish to visit.

What is an IP Address?

It is a unique address pointing to the server the website is hosted on. For example www.altairhosting.com points to the IP Address Also each domain name must be hosted by a DNS or Domain Name Server.


At Altair Hosting we host our DNS records and offer this service free of charge with all our hosting packages. We provide end to end web services so you can register a domain and create a new website all on one central interface. We’ll even assist you migrating an existing site from another provider free of charge.

Do domain names require hosting?

Yes, you need a provider to host the domain name. When you register a Domain it is only an entry in the register. For the Domain to go online it must be hosted by a DNS server. All Domains Registered through Altair Hosting receive free DNS hosting for the life of the Domain.

Can I host multiple domain names with my hosting account?

You can host multiple domains in all Medium and Heavy accounts.

What is a Sub-domain?

These are the fields before the domain name. The most well know of these is “www”. While most websites have this as their primary address you do not in fact need this. You can quite happily operate a website without the “www”. The problem with this though is some people may still enter an address with the www so it is best to ensure that you still create the “www” subdomain when setting up a new website.


One thing you may not know is that the two address “altairhosting.com” and “www.altairhosting.com” are actually different addresses. The only reason you can type in either is we have a redirect set in place. If you type “altairhosting.com” our servers automatically redirect this to “www.altairhosting.com”.


P.S. When you create a site on our platform it automatically creates both.

How to get a .com.au

To register a .com.au you must satisfy some security rules. Firstly you’ll need an ABN (Australian Business Number) and/or ACN (Australian Company Number). Secondly you need proof that you have the rights to the name you want to register. By this you either have to have a Registered Business Name that matches the domain name, for example the registered business name Altair Hosting entitles us to registered altairhosting.com.au. Alternatively if you are a sole trader you can register your name as the domain name, for example if your name is Fred Blogs you can register fredblogs.com.au.


Unfortunately in some cases someone else may have taken the name. If this is the case you either register a domain with your business name in it, like altairhostingwebservices.com.au or you register a name that reflects your business model, like for example we could register webhostingservices.com.au as it reflects our core business.