CleanTalk and fighting comment spam

CleanTalk and fighting comment spam

One issue website owners come across when running a blog is comment spam. That is comments that have no purpose other than providing backlinks. We recently decided to try to combat this by trying a WordPress plugin called CleanTalk. Prior to installing it we were combatting dozens of comments that was becoming increasingly time consuming. We also feared that legitimate comments may be hiding amongst all this spam.

Why CleanTalk

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is choice. That is most evident in the huge range of plugins available. Security plugins are no exception. If you search for spam plugins you will get a good range of options. CleanTalk was at the top of our search and has a good rating so we decided to give it a trial.


Installing CleanTalk is very straightforward, you can find it in the “Plugins/Add New” section in your WordPress admin panel. Installing it is no different than the majority of plugins. Once installed simply activate it.

As with other security plugins you will need a security key. This was very easy as the plugin gets it for you, all you need to do it click on “Get access key automatically”. As soon as it gets it the product is activated and operational.

installing cleantalk

get key

cleantalk settings


cleantalk consoleSo far we haven’t needed to do anything. As stated above it just works.  It provides a simple console in the top toolbar that provides a link for the web console (see below).

The numbers at the top represents All / Allowed / Blocked since either install or the last time you reset the counter.

web console


We have been running this plugin for about a month and it has not let any spam through. Often when we have a high hit rate like this it also gets a lot of valid comments however it has so far not caught any valid comments. Whether this will continue in the long run will be interesting.


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