Adding Social Media to WordPress

Adding Social Media to WordPress

These days one of the most important methods of promoting your website is by social media. While Google+ looks promising Facebook is still king, whether this will remain will be interesting.

As of February 2015 according to an article by Facebook is number one with Twitter in second place followed by Linkedin and Twitter.  Google+ is in fifth place.

From my experience you need two capabilities from a Social Media plugin.  Firstly you need it to put the Share and Like buttons on the page, though you can always do that manually via HTML, and secondly some way of auto-publishing your articles to your timeline. Whether this is your personal or a Page you manage.

Now many Facebook plugins exist for WordPress and the official plugin is probably the hardest to use.  This requires creating an App with the Facebook development framework that you connect to the plugin.  Last time I attempted it the plugin was incompatible with the latest version of WordPress and hadn’t been updated in over six months (in checking one of the sites it still isn’t offering an update).  It has been however the best plugin I’ve found for adding the Share and Like buttons, just don’t expect Auto-publish to work (I tried over the course of a week to get this to work only to find out that feature was broken due to Facebook API updates).  I discovered a plugin called “Facebook Auto Publish” that does just that.

Now whatever plugin you use it is vitally important these days to utilise social media within your SEO strategy.  I discovered how important this was when a site I was helping maintain had its Facebook icons turned off, almost overnight it when from being on the first page to the third page of the google results.  I doubt this is a coincidence.

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