About Us

altair hosting
Altair Hosting is a technology focussed company that takes pride in using the best available technology to build a fast and reliable hosting infrastructure.

Our Infrastructure

We use multiple clustered web servers to provide a fast and fault tolerant infrastructure that is monitored 24/7. If one of our web servers fail it will not bring any websites down as traffic will be automatically routed to other servers. This also enables us to expand quickly but also to easily upgrade software without adversely affecting our client sites. This is all backed by a Tier 3+ data centre located in Dallas TX.

Best Available Technology

With a focus on supplying the best available technology to our clients we have gone to great lengths to ensure our infrastructure and user environment is reliable, fast and easy to use. From using FreeBSD to ensure a fast and reliable server pool to using Nginx to enhance the performance of our Apache Web Clusters. We also run MariaDB is a drop in replacement to MySQL and PostgreSQL for those who want a more feature rich enterprise grade database platform. This is all in addition to our support of multiple web development languages that includes PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby on Rails.

If you have more questions regarding our infrastructure feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.